Why Should You Build a List ?

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You've probably heard the phrase, "the money is in the list". Still, you may not have started to build a list because you're intimidated, or just don't know HOW to get started. The good news is that it's actually not that difficult -- and when you have a list, you really do have it made!

The problem in Internet marketing is that many people are worried about finding potential customers all the time. You have to rely on either paid traffic or free traffic. Unfortunately, this means you are at the mercy of other companies as to how far your customer reach is.

When you have a list, you don't have to worry as much about things like search engine optimization and pay per click costs. That's because you own your list full of targeted buyers! The people have signed up for your list have chosen to do so and want to hear from you. You have control over when you contact these people; which means you can make excellent sales every time you mail them.

Having your own list really is building your own business. You now have an asset that can make every other aspect of your business work far more seamlessly. Hopefully, if you hadn't considered building a list before, your mind is changed now!

Many marketers have estimated that for every one person you have on your list you'll earn one dollar per month. That means with a list of 100 people, you can expect to earn at least 100 extra dollars. Of course, if you go about things the right way you can earn lot more than that -- even with such a small list. With a list size of 2000 people, you can expect to earn at least $2000 extra per month, and so on. The sky really is the limit when you have a list.

If you are intimidated about building a list, it's time to get over that fear. It's time to take action and learn as much as you can about list building so you can fully control your business and your profits. Once you have a good list going and you know all about sales and building relationships, you'll never look back!

Of course, it's possible to make many mistakes along the way. That is part of the reason why it so important to educate yourself first. After you have done so, it should be smooth sailing from there as you build your expertise and your list size grows.

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