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Why are your websites losing thousands of dollars ?

Posted by Lena Khalid | Wednesday, June 30, 2010 | 0 comments |

Creating one time offer pages takes forever, even if you're able to churn out product after product after product. And let's face it, most of us don't.

And today, if your site doesn't have a one time offer you're losing thousands of dollars every single month.

Instant One Time Offer Creator just unlocked the hidden profits in your websites.

Creating one time offer pages can't be easier!

You pick from over 100 products (as many as you want!)... you select one of 10 red hot templates... and your one time offer page is ready!

You'll have your one time offer page ready in less than 5 minutes.

And here's the best bit...

Instant One Time Offer Creator is FREE to join! Be sure to grab your free membership today!

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Choosing a Niche to Build a List In

Posted by Lena Khalid | Thursday, June 24, 2010 | 0 comments |

One of the most important decisions you'll have to make as you decide to build the list is which niche you should focus on. There are literally thousands of niches out there, so there is no one right answer to this question.

You might have some idea of which niche you want to focus on if you have built up websites in that niche already. If you have no idea of what you should choose, don't worry! You can easily choose a niche if you follow the right guidelines.

The first thing you need to make sure of is that it is a hungry, or passionate market. This works well if people have some kind of problem they are desperate to stall. This is where people are passionate about their hobbies can work very well also.

It's a good idea to make sure people are already spending money in the niche you have selected. You can check to see if there are physical products, or digital products being sold regularly to this group of people. This is usually a good indicator that you can make some money as well. Another place to check is advertisements on TV or in magazines. Where there are ads, there is money being made!

Basically, you need to make sure you have something to offer a group of people. You also want to make sure the customer base will be large enough to make your efforts worth your while.

If you cannot think of a niche, you just need to brainstorm and work your way from there. You can go to,,, Yahoo Answers, and many other sites to get some good ideas. Write down anything that comes to mind or stands out to you as a potentially profitable niche to build a list in. Then, you can narrow your choices until you have some good options. Some further research should help you make your final decision.

Of course, as an Internet marketer you are not limited to choosing just one niche. After you have built up a profitable relationships with members of one niche, you can add another to your business. That way, you are not dependent on a certain group of people for your income. Spreading assets out this way is an excellent way to make sure your business always stays afloat.

Remember -- never take the decision of which niche to choose lightly. Choosing the wrong one could mean you hardly make any money at all, and choosing the right niche could mean you make some life-changing income!

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Using Your List for Branding

Posted by Lena Khalid | Tuesday, June 22, 2010 | 0 comments |

Branding is an incredibly important concept in marketing. When you think of brands, you probably think of ones like Nike, Disney, Apple, and many others. The truth is that you'll have a brand as well. If you aren't building this brand, you need to do so.

One of the best ways to do this is to utilize your list. You can get the word out there about your company by having your list members share content with their friends, or even forward your e-mails to other people. The more people who come in contact with your content and your business, the wider your brand spreads.

Part of doing this is making sure you have a consistent image. People get comfortable with the image a certain brand projects. That means making use of your personality, the type of content you deliver, and many other aspects of your business. Having a personal philosophy can help you develop your own brand for your business.

The point is that you don't want to just focus on one-off sales with your list. You want to create a brand that people love, trust, and come to time and time again. You want to become so familiar in people's minds that you are what they think of when they think of your niche. Part of this is becoming an expert that people trust and turn to for advice.

This is thinking of the bigger picture. Everything you do is part of your business and should help to build your brand. The list is a huge part of that, so you want to come up with a game plan. Everything from your squeeze page, to your autoresponder copy, to your blog, to your content-based webpage should reflect your brand. By making these things work seamlessly together, your business will take off and be far more successful.

Branding isn't just for the largest companies! Even small start-up companies and Internet marketers can build their brand online. Everything you do to build your list should reflect your brand and what you stand for. This will help increase your profits now and in the long run. Soon enough, word-of-mouth will spread and your income dreams will be reached far more easily.

Start building your brand today by making a list of things you can do that will affect your image. Making these decisions early on in the game will help you become far more successful.

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Why Should You Build a List ?

Posted by Lena Khalid | Sunday, June 20, 2010 | 0 comments |

You've probably heard the phrase, "the money is in the list". Still, you may not have started to build a list because you're intimidated, or just don't know HOW to get started. The good news is that it's actually not that difficult -- and when you have a list, you really do have it made!

The problem in Internet marketing is that many people are worried about finding potential customers all the time. You have to rely on either paid traffic or free traffic. Unfortunately, this means you are at the mercy of other companies as to how far your customer reach is.

When you have a list, you don't have to worry as much about things like search engine optimization and pay per click costs. That's because you own your list full of targeted buyers! The people have signed up for your list have chosen to do so and want to hear from you. You have control over when you contact these people; which means you can make excellent sales every time you mail them.

Having your own list really is building your own business. You now have an asset that can make every other aspect of your business work far more seamlessly. Hopefully, if you hadn't considered building a list before, your mind is changed now!

Many marketers have estimated that for every one person you have on your list you'll earn one dollar per month. That means with a list of 100 people, you can expect to earn at least 100 extra dollars. Of course, if you go about things the right way you can earn lot more than that -- even with such a small list. With a list size of 2000 people, you can expect to earn at least $2000 extra per month, and so on. The sky really is the limit when you have a list.

If you are intimidated about building a list, it's time to get over that fear. It's time to take action and learn as much as you can about list building so you can fully control your business and your profits. Once you have a good list going and you know all about sales and building relationships, you'll never look back!

Of course, it's possible to make many mistakes along the way. That is part of the reason why it so important to educate yourself first. After you have done so, it should be smooth sailing from there as you build your expertise and your list size grows.

My good friend Dennis has created an easy-to-follow 6 part course to show you how to build a huge profitable list, from scratch...

You'll learn the latest marketing tricks to build a huge list and how to profit from it. And much MUCH More!

Check out the listbuilding course HERE.

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More and more people these days are turning to one of the most popular businesses around - `Affiliate marketing' for making money on internet where there are no bosses, deadlines to meet or piles of work to be finished by the end of the day.

There are basically five qualities to fulfil if you want to make it in the business of affiliate marketing and eventually making money on internet. This article is not teaching you how to make money on line but instead on the qualities you need to have in order to be a successful internet marketer and end up making money on internet.

Prepare to learn

The first quality you must possess is the desire to learn, coupled with the willingness to be trained. Many people rushed into making money on line fast but do not want to learn.

They want instant gratification expecting money to drop in easily as promised by many products out there. Seriously, it doesn't operate like that. When starting out, you'll need to equip yourself with some basic knowledge and skills, just like in any new business, you need some new skill to run your business well. Do not waste time reinventing the wheel but to tap and imitate the success of others.

Time and effort

Spending some time and effort to make your business grow is crucial. Do not get impatient and disappointed if no immediate result takes place. Perhaps even weeks may pass without hearing any good news.

Do you give up easily?

Of course, one cannot wait and wait, the point here is to invest some time and effort to learn,acquire the knowledge and patient with the result. The result may vary depending on the product you are promoting and techniques you apply.


If you are determined to earn money through internet and make it in the world of affiliate marketing, you must possess the drive and spirit to motivate and push yourself forward despite obstacles and problems faced. The ability to strive on and push yourself to greater heights will determine the type of future you will have.


If you can commit yourself to work everyday, you'll be much closer to reaching your goals and making your dreams come true. Set yourself a realistic plan and target and follow through. Discipline yourself, adhere to the plan but do not overdo it otherwise you may fall into information overload,very easy to happen in this business.

Correct Mindset

There are tons of money to be made on line and affiliate marketing is the most convenient way to make money on internet since you only need small investment and not require to keep stock, maintain any office, recruit any labour or produce any product. You are basically your own boss and determine your own income and goal. You don't have to answer to a boss who only makes you work like slave the whole day with `minimal remuneration'.

The attitude you have towards the business should always be good, because you are the captain of your ship, steering it towards destiny..

Even in times of frustration and failure, the correct mindset and attitude will motivate yourself to stand up again to fight the battle and be victorious.

All internet marketers went through hardships and struggles before they become successful.The above qualities are present in all successful internet marketers which will then lead to the result of making money on internet.

Please move on to pick up some basic skills at

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For free!!! Bigger commission ($3 - $10)!

Posted by Lena Khalid | Tuesday, June 08, 2010 | 0 comments |

Get Instant Income - Make Money From Your Website, Blog, Forum, Twitter. Monetize Your Visitors - Get Extra Cash.

You place an advertisement (banner) on your site. When your visitor clicks the banner - you will get the commission (usually $0.03). When your visitor signs up as affiliate (or completes sale from our advertisers) - you will get even bigger commission ($3 - $10)!

You sleep - it works, you eat - it works! Great opportunity! Safe and reliable!

1. You Sign-up for free (absolutely no payment required!)
2. You insert provided HTML code into your webpage
3. Your visitors click our advertisement and get paid for each click!
Zero experience required. Just copy, paste, and make money!

We pay for each click our advertisement. We pay monthly, either by check, or instantly through PayPal.

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