UNSELFISHADS is an International advertising program. A free advertising system based on text advertising.

Visitors as well as members come to UNSELFISHADS and click on member ads, so your sites will be seen!

--> Each Click to your ad brings traffic to your website.

You need Credit :

* Members click on ads in order to earn credits. Members are able to assign earned credits to existing Ads to ensure they remain active and included in the rotation .
* You can earn credits by viewing ads in the members area.
* You can earn more credits by clicking on credit links in solo ads.
* A new credit earning feature by clicking on banner ads will be introduced very shortly.
* By promoting your own UNSELFISHADS referral link, you will earn additional credits from the effort of your downline members

Free Members will also earn CASH !

Free members earn 25% commission on purchases/upgrades for direct referrals only. Unselfish members earn to 5 referral levels. The table above describes the earning potential for each Unselfish member status. Percentage works on each advertising or upgrade purchase; no matter what the amount.

Membership are upgraded automatically at midnight EST upon meeting the requirements.

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# You can buy clicks and distribute them to your advertisements.
# You access detailed statistics during and after your advertisement display.
# Build your downline by completing the DOWNLINE BUILDER in the back-office !

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