"Social Networks" Strategy

Posted by Lena Khalid | Monday, March 30, 2009 | 0 comments |

I use a variety of social networking sites to promote WF3D.

The important thing to remember is DO NOT SPAM members. It may seem that the best way to get your story out is to instantly send people you have just met the link to WF3D becasue you are so excited about it but please don't do it!

You can put WF3D banners on your profile (on most sites) and after you have a relationship with someone, they will ask you what you are excited about online, or you will have some opportunity to tell them about WF3D.

Some of the social networking sites I use are Yuwie, Facebook, Myspace, Multiply, 6Dgr, Ecademy, Frenszone, Lazzeo, Malaysian Online Network , Viral Networks and not forgotting ---> Twitter and more.

Join my TEAM in WF3D and get these social-networkings video tutorials ( worth > $60) from the members-area !

TweetIt using MyTweetElite.com

TweetIt using MyTweetElite.com
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