Simple, Polite and Honest Technique...

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Below is the Techniques from my upline (Mario) to be shared with my friends :

If you really want to grow your income in WorfFor3Dollars FAST, then you have to work at it from the very beginning. We are seeing more and more pople getting paid! Well done to all of you!

Some people are asking me, "Mario, how can I increase my income and how do I go about prospecting people?"

Ok here's what I did to grow a team of over 900 people.

I immediately realised the potential that there was in this system and so, when I started with this company, I filled my first level with another three accounts of mine.


Basically, my success revolves around 3 words ...

(1) Simplicity ... (2) Politeness ... (3) Honesty.

These 3 things will get you anywhere you want.

(1) You have to keep things simple at start, short and to the point. Very few people will read long emails. So, before they join keep things simple.

(2) Always be polite and show respect towards that person. It will earn you their respect too and will open a channel of friendly communication.

(3) Be honest in your messages. Do not hype it up. Do not say that you made $1,000 when in fact you did not. Just be honest.

Yup.... a GOOD system and simple to follow.

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