(1) Only GOLD Members receive the extra commission when someone below them upgrades to GOLD. So make sure you are GOLD *BEFORE* your downlines are so you will not lose out any commission ;)

(2) GOLD members receive new unreferred WF3D members placed under them. So, you will have new people join under you at random even if you do not sponsor anyone.

(3) As a result of (2), the more GOLD members you have below you, the bigger the chance of having one of them receive a random unreferred member, thus growing your team faster. So, encourage your downlines to upgrade ;)

(4) Being a GOLD member yourself, also helps your downline because, for example, if your first level is full with 3 people, then any random referral that you receive will automatically be spilled below someone of your team, thus helping your team grow. So, encourage your uplines to upgrade to GOLD too ;)

Register HERE if you have not join WF3D !!

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