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Bux-Matrix is an International advertising program; more specifically its a "BUX" site powered by a 3x12 Forced Matrix. A "BUX" is a Paid to click program where advertisers purchase paid links and members are paid to click on those links.

We use the POWER of a forced Matrix as referral system; You may learn more on this page below.

BUX websites still attract an incredible amount of people. There are millions of people who are already joining such programs and earning amounts of income.

How does BUX-MTRIX works?

When you open a free account, you can click on the "Browse Ads" page from your members area and watch the available advertising on that page. Each link is worth of money so that You will accumulate money on a daily basis.

When you will have earned $2.00 You will be allowed to cash-out.

You may JOIN and keep your membership free forever and earn a small amount of money by clicking links, but the advantages of upgrading your account are enormous.

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